A poem has secrets that the poet knows nothing of. Stanley Kunitz (via theparisreview)

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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.

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Feelings can be contradictory. Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)
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She likes to sleep. It makes her forget about it. (via bl-ossomed)

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Why does one write? For whom does one write? If you begin asking that, you stop writing! You write, that’s all. And people read you. You write for the people who read you. It’s writers nobody reads who ask themselves questions like that! Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)
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I didn’t say I liked it. I said it fascinated me. There is a great difference. Oscar Wilde, adapted from The Picture of Dorian Gray (via lifeinpoetry)
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You have been visited by Baljeet, the Failed Test. If you do not reblog within ten seconds, you will fail your finals.

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